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Newcastle City Council contract for urban renewal work in Beresfield.

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Beresfield has received the first free Wi-Fi outside of the Newcastle city centre as part of a $3 million investment to revitalise and beautify the area.

Newcastle Lord Mayor Nuatali Nelmes said the Beresfield upgrades, which include pedestrian-friendly footpaths, outdoor dining spaces, free public Wi-Fi and a more appealing streetscape, were driven by feedback from residents and businesses.

A community placemaking project is developing concepts for creative and heat-reducing elements for the space, with the public given the chance to vote for their favourite design later this year.

The work is part of City of Newcastle’s local centres program, which is investing millions of dollars in new and improved public infrastructure across the local government area.

Infrastructure improvements completed to date at the Beresfield local centre include: 

  • A 40km/hr zone and pedestrian-friendly street design
  • Road and pedestrian lighting upgrade, with additional lighting to the railway station
  • Drainage renewal and installation of a rain garden, which will improve the quality of water run-off that enters Hexham Wetlands
  • Street trees
  • Seating, bike racks and bins
  • New kerbs, gutters and footpaths
  • Upgraded road pavement
  • Free Wi-Fi via the installation of smart poles.
Beresfield Town Centre »
Beresfield Town Centre »
Beresfield Town Centre »
Beresfield Town Centre »